Techmeme’s Sponsored Posts Make it to the ‘Front Page’

20 Nov ’06

I was more than a little surprised to see a Techmeme sponsored post – a Tabblo post defending Yahoo! that I’d spotted in the side column over the weekend – appear in my feed today. My first thought was that Gabe had perhaps decided to mix sponsored posts into the feed, but that seemed very unlike Gabe. So I took a look at the site, and it turns out that the headline post for Monday morning is the Tabblo post, with everything written over the weekend about the Peanut Butter Manifesto appearing underneath it.

This seems really odd to me. I read a lot of those weekend posts, and I don’t remember anyone linking to the Tabblo sponsored piece. The topic is the same, but I’d be surprised to find that anyone had linked to it. For example, Eric Jackson’s piece, which is currently the first Related Item under the Tabblo piece, doesn’t link to it.

This is not to suggest that the Tabblo post isn’t valuable in its own right, just that it seems odd that Gabe’s algorithm ought to give top billing to a sponsored post that doesn’t seem to be ‘involved’ in the conversation – not in terms of being linked to, anyway. Perhaps I’m wrong on that part – I haven’t checked every one of the Related Posts, for example – but a quick scan suggests I’m not.

Quick update – I haven’t even posted this and the Tabblo post has dropped to #2. Still …

Update: Indeed! Tony posts on New Rules at Techmeme on sponsored posts.

Update: Gabe to the rescue – he sets me straight in the comments below. Chastened, I will eat crow, but not too much. It was, after all, an open question.

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