mesh Meetup is in the Can

16 Nov ’06

I love Leo Laporte’s closing comment at the end of every TWiT podcast – “another TWiT is in the can” – there’s always a tone of pride in his voice, something I take to be well deserved pride at another step taken in building something remarkable.

And that’s kind of how I felt yesterday after our meetup for mesh07. We had about 100 people show up to get together and talk about mesh, what’s happening on the web, and everything. We saw old friends, met new friends (including some folks from b5media), and just generally enjoyed being part of a growing community of people excited about what’s happening online, and what people in Toronto are doing to make it more interesting. Tony has lots of details over at Deep Jive Interests, and Stuart wins a prize for fastest post about the meetup.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and raising a glass with us.

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