Startup Camp Toronto

8 Nov ’06

Many of us involved in early-stage tech here in Toronto have watched the news of Startup Camp with a lot of interest. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had the “Wouldn’t it be great if there were something like that in Toronto …” conversation, or have read blog posts hoping for the same thing.

So a group of us have now decided to just do it. Our ad hoc organizing committee is made up of Austin Hill, uber-entrepreneur, Stuart MacDonald, founder and one of my mesh partners, the irrepressible David Crow, the troublemaker responsible for a lot of the energy behind TorCamp and DemoCamp, and yours truly.

Just about everything you’d like to know about Startup Camp Toronto is TBD. Spring seems likely. But for now, we’re blurting out our plans to get the ball rolling, and to spark some creative thinking about what Startup Camp should be like. It’s your event, so get involved! A good start would be to mosey over to the wiki and do a brain dump of all your best ideas about sessions, sponsors, venue, volunteers, or anything else that comes to mind – it is a wiki, after all. Oh yeah, and sign up as an attendee while you’re there so we can get a sense of how much interest there is, will you? That will help with venue and date planning.

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