Technology Lagging for Canadian Doctors?

4 Nov ’06

From the CP:

Canada lags far behind other countries except the United States in an international study of effective primary health care for patients released Thursday by the Commonwealth Fund.

The survey suggested Canada has a long way to go on many fronts to catch up with the other countries, which included the United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

Only 23 per cent of Canadian doctors use electronic medical records, the lowest percentage and far behind 98 per cent in the Netherlands.

Most Canadian physicians don’t use computers to prescribe medications, access test results and hospital records, receive alerts about potential problems with drug doses or interactions or know when patients are overdue for essential care.

It wouldn’t be fair to suggest that we’re still at the banging-the-rocks-together stage, but it is always surprising to see that technology is not more involved in process management in health care.

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