TWiT Flatlining?

22 Oct ’06

In recent weeks the superbly excellent and audacious podcast TWiT has taken to somewhat more commercial support than its original style would have suggested. But this was perhaps not a surprise, because the growing podcast empire of Leo Laporte was surely consuming all hours of his day, and more besides. And sooner or later, baby wants a new pair of shoes.

What then to make of newest message from TWiT central, courtesy of Mathew? (with 134 comments, as of the time of this post):

It’s my turn to play hookey next week. I’m off on a Geek Cruise next Friday, and will be gone through November 4, so there will be no TWiT next week either.

I’ll decide what happens to TWiT, the show, when I come back, but at this point it looks like it’s on life support and the heart monitor is flatlining.

Say it ain’t so!!! TWiT was consistently one of iTunes’ top podnetcasts, with a constantly luminary cast of ne’er-do-wells to gab about all things geeky. All overseen by the superbly able and constantly interesting Leo Laporte.

Dismay. Disbelief. Say it ain’t so, Leo.

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