Conrad Black’s Citizenship

26 Sep ’06

The Globe is reporting that Conrad Black, the great freedom fighter, is taking steps to regain his Canadian citizenship. The obvious question (conspicuously unanswered by the Globe piece, except for some hogwash over how Lord Black now pines for the more genteel ways of his former home), is why? Faintly tickling the distant reaches of my memory is some recollection (confirmation, anyone? Update: The London Free Press chimes in: indeed.) that Canadian citizens have special entitlement to serve U.S. prison terms in Canadian jails. On this, the day Bernie Ebbers goes to camp for 25 years and Andrew Fastow is sentenced for 6, is this what’s on Lord Black’s mind? Update: The Globe, while still resolutely refusing to speculate on why Lord Black wants his citizenship back, notes a complication in the process.

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