What You Can Do About the 30 Days of DRM

19 Sep ’06

Michael has just finished his 30 Days of DRM, an astounding feat. But better yet, he’s wrapped up the series with a must read and save post on 30 things you can do about the issues raised in his posts. The wrap up page is here. This is a must-read and must-do for all of us:

The House of Commons is back in session and, as I promised last month, the 30 Days of DRM project has now concluded. The postings remain accessible via the 30 Days of DRM page, the wiki, and a new PDF version that incorporates all postings into a single document.

The project generated considerable commentary online and lots of email offline. The most frequently asked question provides reason for optimism as many people simply asked “what can I do?” I typically responded that the best starting point was to write to their local Member of Parliament. Upon reflection, there is more that can be done and to that end, I offer up 30 things you can do about the issues raised by the 30 days of DRM project.

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