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15 Sep ’06

As I mentioned yesterday, Universal’s CEO sent a public shot scross the bow of YouTube and MySpace for eating his lunch. An odd shot for sure – the public company equivalent of the schoolyard chant “you just wait and see”:

“We believe these new businesses are copyright infringers and owe us tens of millions of dollars,” Morris told investors Wednesday at a conference in Pasadena.

“How we deal with these companies will be revealed shortly,” he said.

As we wait and see, the ‘sphere has gone wild, with the news bumping the Zune announcement off it’s lofty perch atop Techmeme. Predictably, the backdrop is difficult negotiations between Universal and YouTube, a point made early on by Techdirt. Also predictably, the usual infringement sturm und drang (which Techdirt questions) from the content people predictably excludes any mention of the positive impact YouTube appearances have had on their content, and, as Jarvis pointedly mentions, is predictably oblivious of the opportunity they have here. (Lately I’m enjoying Jeff’s gift for aggressive alliteration as much as I am his ideas. “Numbnutty chatter”? More, please).

So, once more from the content guys, with feeling. Predictably.

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Trevor Attridge October 4, 2006 at 14:07

Where Warner Brothers is smart :

There are a couple of points, firstly most videos on YouTube have come from a broadcast situation having previously being aired and therefore this is merely an extension of this medium. Generating buzz around brands and bands is in this day an age not a bad thing, and is the future of connecting with consumers.

The quality issue which people point to as allowing this medium to exist ( therefore in some way removes it from a required purchase ) will disappear soon as technology improves , so this argument is only short term.

Where everyone does win , is in the area of long tail items which everyone knows makes up the bulk of most companies profits in the online arena.

Being sensible , partnering with Youtube to offer people the chance to purchase material through their portals represents an opportunity I know Warner will be taking advantage of.

In the short term they are raising band ( or brand ) awareness , it is only a matter of time before purchase options to consumers are offered by extending the technology to identify the items they are viewing and present contextual and relevant options . I know I would have bought the backstreet boys sony after watching those Chinese students sing into their brushes.


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