More on Universal v. YouTube

15 Sep ’06

As I mentioned yesterday, Universal’s CEO sent a public shot scross the bow of YouTube and MySpace for eating his lunch. An odd shot for sure – the public company equivalent of the schoolyard chant “you just wait and see”:

“We believe these new businesses are copyright infringers and owe us tens of millions of dollars,” Morris told investors Wednesday at a conference in Pasadena.

“How we deal with these companies will be revealed shortly,” he said.

As we wait and see, the ‘sphere has gone wild, with the news bumping the Zune announcement off it’s lofty perch atop Techmeme. Predictably, the backdrop is difficult negotiations between Universal and YouTube, a point made early on by Techdirt. Also predictably, the usual infringement sturm und drang (which Techdirt questions) from the content people predictably excludes any mention of the positive impact YouTube appearances have had on their content, and, as Jarvis pointedly mentions, is predictably oblivious of the opportunity they have here. (Lately I’m enjoying Jeff’s gift for aggressive alliteration as much as I am his ideas. “Numbnutty chatter”? More, please).

So, once more from the content guys, with feeling. Predictably.

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