The HP Saga: Endgame

12 Sep ’06

It seems as though the HP saga has come to an end. Developments:

  • Patricia Dunn is stepping down as chair in January, to be succeeded by Mark Hurd. She has apologized that pretexting was used, and will continue as a director after January. She will be responsible for resolving the the pretexting file.
  • Former chair Richard Hackborn will beginning in January serve as the “designated lead independent director”.
  • The company will be expanding the board.

There is, of course, no linkage made in the press release between Dunn stepping down and this episode. Press releases absolve all sins, of course, and are ultimately about shiny, happy people.

Unsurprisingly, there is no word in anything I’ve read on the fate of Ann Baskins, or on the fate of Wilson Sonsini or Larry Sonsini’s relationship with HP. In time, I suppose.

Kedrosky and Techdirt are, it’s fair to say, unimpressed with the press release or the outcome.

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