But Before I Go …

22 Aug ’06

I’ll note that lately I’ve been finding Reddit and Tailrank to be much more effective aggregators of interesting content than Techmeme. Techmeme has begun to feel like an echo chamber. I suspect that many people have begun writing for it, hoping to get mentioned there. And the recurrence of the usual faces has, in recent weeks, made it seem clique-y and high-school-ish. Pair that with some of the childish behaviour we’ve seen recently in conversations linked there, and the experience has really begun to lose its appeal for me.

What I’d really like from Techmeme is fresh voices – the usual suspects are getting far too much airtime from far too little interesting content – and perhaps some user input, a la Digg, to give us some control – short of comments or trackbacks – over what gets profile, and what doesn’t.

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