More on p2pnet’s Freedom of Speech Campaign

19 Aug ’06

Jon Newton, the publisher of p2pnet and victim of an online defamation suit, has received a remarkably nasty (and predictably, anonymous) email attacking him for his efforts to raise awareness of well-founded and serious concerns over the basic unfairness of Canadian defamation laws. I’ll admit to having been shocked by the appallingly mean-spirited and small-minded tone of the attack – and I had to read his post on it a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t parody. It isn’t.

But at the end of the day, the ravings of maladjusted trolls can be ignored. Lawsuits have to be dealt with. So I’m reminding readers of Jon’s worthy cause and his need for support – financial and otherwise, in this campaign. Read more about it on p2pnet.

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