YouTube as Acquisition Target

7 Aug ’06

More talk today, this time at Gigaom, about YouTube as a Rupert Murdoch acquisition target. Gigaom nixes the idea, but for the wrong reasons – they argue that YouTube has outpriced itself for a cash acquisition by Murdoch, and speculate on how the deal might still be done. Perhaps, but I doubt it.

Much of the content on YouTube, and certainly most of the popular content (as of this moment, almost all of the Top 100 Most Viewed Today clips), is taken illegally from its creators – this, obviously, is not a news flash. For now, those creators aren’t suing – YouTube has no cash, and it’s a useful promotional tool. But once it is has a rich daddy – especially a media company that perhaps competes with those content creators, my guess is all bets will be off, and the lawsuits will begin. Until then, at least for the big spenders, I suspect that YouTube is ‘Napstered’ – effectively embargoed until the IP infringement issues can be sorted out – if ever.

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Melinda August 10, 2006 at 12:57

I bet they would! After the partnership with NBC they will also get some money, because Chad Hurley is very confident in this relationship.


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