Vonage – Is the End Nigh?

2 Aug ’06

Much buzz today about the Vonage earnings release, and much speculation about Vonage’s future, if any. Om describes the Vonage net new subscriber news as good, while MSNBC headlines its piece by focusing on customer defections.

I’ve been quite unhappy about Vonage’s service for quite a while now, and if I’m representative the future is not bright for them. I’m trialing another service now that is turning out to be superb, and dramatically superior to the Vonage product in all important measures. If things continue to go well I’ll be defecting for good (and I’ll bring some friends with me, I’m sure).

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mark evans August 2, 2006 at 18:53

i’ve noticed bad sound quality with many people who have vonage service – not sure if it’s due to “packet shaping” by bell or rogers but it isn’t a good thing. i’m curious about the service you’re trialing. maybe i’ll go VoIP too!



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