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13 Jul ’06

Jeff Jarvis posts some advice to Rocketboom from the pen of Fred Graver, executive producer of VH1’s Best Week Ever, and it’s the smartest commentary yet. One message: move on; nothing to see here, folks. Indeed.

It’s nice to see Andrew moving on with a new ‘cast that’s getting positive critical reviews – this is what I’d hoped would come out of the production delay that (inexplicably, surely) attracted so much criticism. I think it’s a definite improvment, and Alec’s review mirrors my impressions.

But it really is a shame that Congdon is still focussed on publicly spinning her status as a sorrowful victim. How about this as a stock answer: “Andrew and I do have some transition issues to resolve, but for now I’m focussed on the future and my passion: bringing great content to media, old and new. I’m looking at multiple offers with my agent and will make a decision soon”. My sense is that the Time piece reads like dreck, and was a lost opportunity to present herself as talent on a par with the level of the hubbub.

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