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11 Jul ’06

Much ado in the blogosphere about the new Dell blog. I’m with Andy Lark on this one: “The bloggerati just need to get over every blog coming out the gate reading like a conversation at the local pub and not rehashing the past trials and tribulations of bloggers. It takes time for a corporate blog to find its collective voice.”

Andy’s presumably commenting on the fact that it’s day one and Dell has already been severely rapped on the shins for its efforts. Indeed, it sure strikes me as easy pickins to poke a sharp stick at Dell over the launch – fish in a barrel, isn’t it? Like anyone else Dell deserves some breathing room to get its arms around the ‘sphere and how it makes sense for it to get involved. But it strikes me as just unreasonable for the bloggerati to tout the good sense of corporate blogging and then mug companies that decide to walk through that door.

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