Cuban’s Letter to the Publisher

21 Jun ’06

Mark Cuban has written a follow-up to his NBA fine that includes this extract from his letter to the publisher of the Miami Herald, which Cuban accuses of lame reporting of his adventures:

You are also the reason Im thankful for this blog. In the old days I would have had to make the rounds of media, doing my best to discredit your efforts. Now I can just write this blog, link and let your work discredit itself. Which is a whole lot more fun.

A colourful but timely example of one of the powers of blogging covered in the Jay Rosen WaPo piece of earlier this week.

When it came to consuming media, the Web allows users to decide “what application, what device, what time, what place.” Curley described a decisive shift in whose clock the news runs on, away from an “appointment-driven” model. Producers had to adjust.

What goes for consumers goes for sources. Because sources can be publishers too, there’s a new balance of power between them and reporters, who once gave those sources a voice in the press. For example, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner and a tech entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, has little use for beat writers assigned to cover his team. Instead, with Blog Maverick, he speaks to hardcore fans and addresses controversies directly. Reporters read his blog concurrently with the fans, who once relied on the sports section for inside information.

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