FIFA Pre-emptive Demand, Redux

4 Jun ’06

In a reprise of their pre-emptive demand letter sent to a Canadian ISP some time ago and cheerfully dissected by Michael Geist at the time (“It is abusive demands such as these that give many Canadians reason for concern about overly aggressive rights holders who shoot first and aim later.”), the rightsholder’s counsel is at it again, this time targeting Boing Boing (“Hideous company sends Boing Boing a pre-emptive nastygram”) with a “don’t even think about it” letter concerning streaming and downloading of World Cup material. The letter is online.

(Actually, I suspect that by publishing the letter itself Boing Boing may have played into counsel’s hands – Boing Boing itself never hosts content, and what better way to alert the world that the rightsholder is standing on guard against thee.)

Mark Fraunfelder’s response is irrepressibly irreverent (thank God):

Oh brother. I don’t even know what the FIFA World Cup is. I’m guessing it’s soccer, which I hate just as much as any other pro sport. Every editor at Boing Boing detests professional sports, and we would sooner stream a video of a crumpled up paper napkin in the corner of a room than show some jackasses running after a ball. The only time we would ever post anything about pro-sports would be to make fun of them.

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