No Hard Feelings

29 May ’06

For about a month now, I’ve begun leaving the Treo behind when I leave the office. For now, during selected absences only. But still, I’m serious about exploring whether or not the difference I’ve come to assume it makes is real, or just a defensive justification for carrying around a neat toy. And today, I discovered that Adam Bryant is on the same quest. But with much better prose. “But you gave me something to do in idle moments, while I was standing in line or waiting for a train. With you, there was no dead time. It seemed great for a while. Living without you, though, there’s more time to think. Daydreaming is an underappreciated pastime, and I’ve been doing more of it since we broke up, often to good effect. The idea percolator works better with fewer distractions.” Yes, it really does.

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Sutha Kamal June 9, 2006 at 16:27

I tend not to GO places without a treo or berry for mail… but there are times that I turn them off, close the mail client on my Mac and just focus on whatever it is I’m working on. In truth, I’ve found IM to be such a distraction that I almost never have it on now… if I’m “available”, emails get near-instant responses from me … and if I’m “not”, then I’m not. Besides, when did voice telephony become such a bad idea?


Rob Hyndman May 30, 2006 at 06:14

I’m not thinking of abandoning the Treo for long absences from the office – and I still like it as a tool for writing short notes to people whenever. But I do think the addiction to being always on is destructive of concentration generally, and contemplation and reflection in particular. Adam’s references to daydreaming and idea percolation resonated with me in particular because I’ve been in a very creative mode lately, and I’ve noticed that the biggest block of that creativity is the umbilical cord I have to the ‘net – whether via Treo or the laptop. So I’m going to explore reflection a little more. Namaste :)


Stuart MacDonald May 29, 2006 at 14:02

When we went on a cruise back in February, I disconnected the mail component of the ‘berry (I still needed the phone part because our kids were at home with a sitter and we needed to be able to be reached). This was the first time I was without email on my hip in about 5 years, including our family global sojurn in 2005.

I hated it :-)


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