Privacy, DRM and Copyright Reform

18 May ’06

Canada’s privacy community is speaking out on the importance of addressing privacy issues in the reform of Canada’s copyright law. From the group:

In our information society, some of the most fundamental questions about the appropriate limits of copyright holders’ rights have come to be synonymous or interdependent with questions about the appropriate limits of personal privacy in connection with the enjoyment of copyright works. To date, the product of this conflict has unquestionably been a diminishment of privacy. In this space, we contend that it need not be so.

From Michael Geist:

On the heels of the recent emergence of the CMCC, Canada’s privacy community is today speaking out on its concerns with the prospect of copyright reform that provides legal protections for digital rights management but fails to account for the impact on personal privacy. Dozens of groups and individuals, including civil liberties organizations, library and education associations, and prominent privacy leaders such as former Privacy Commissioner Bruce Phillips (I have also lent my name to the letter) have sent a public letter to Ministers Bernier and Oda calling on the government to ensure that privacy factors in the copyright reform process.

Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, and British Columbia Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis have also lent their support.

A side note – the group’s website is a collection of static pages generated by WordPress. That’s pretty cool. Apart from design, it likely cost the group nothing to create their webspace, and will cost them nothing to very little to host it. I can’t help but wonder how Matt Mullenweg, who was at mesh earlier this week, must feel about how his good work is facilitating the good work of others.

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