Week One on the Mac

24 Mar ’06

It’s now coming to the end of my first week as an OS switcher, and it’s been a very good week. Things have happened quickly, but the more I use it, the more pleased I am with the MacBook Pro and OSX. When day 2 of the switch started earlier this week I thought I would be running the laptop and my desktop PC in tandem for a while, and so as my thoughts turned to sync issues I got busy installing Foldershare and the like to make sure the machines played well together. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Mac: I started exploring OSX software, and after a few early discoveries (thanks again to everyone who very generously left software tips in the comments or in my inbox – please keep them coming) began to truly understand why Mac fans are so dedicated to this box.

Macs are a joy to use. This machine is a profoundly compelling mixture of design and engineering creativity – software feels the way it should. Hardware is a pleasure to use. Put together, this system is smart, fast, beautiful, creative, and, particularly in the design of the software, relentless about challenging preconceived ideas about how software should work and what it should do. There is artistry here. And passion, too. This isn’t a computer – it’s a cult. Thank god.

So, after only a few days, it’s obvious to me now that I’m here to stay. And I’m no longer thinking of sync – now, the plan is migration.

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