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1 Mar ’06

There must be something in the water. Today, hot on the heels of Ernie’s announcement, Anthony Cerminaro (of BizzBangBuzz) fame announced that he’s leaving his firm to go solo:

I believe it was Dennis Kennedy who made a statement to the effect that within a certain time period after you start blogging, you will be doing something different with your career. Well, with all this talk in the blogosphere of “small being the new big” and after writing for 18 months or so on this blog about startups, I caught an irresistible entrepreneurship bug myself. So, starting today, I am officially a solo practioner.

I love seeing people I admire making big moves. Congratulations, Anthony!

Dennis Kennedy nails down an interesting observation about Anthony and Ernie’s career moves:

The trend that really strikes me, however, and one that should give many law firms some concern, is that it is the most tech-savvy lawyers in a firm that are often the ones who are leaving. These are often the lawyers who are the “de facto” technology committees and certainly the “go to” people on legal technology issues. They are also often the people who can work as the go-betweens between the IT department and lawyers and clients.

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