What’s the Deal with Google and Measure Map?

14 Feb ’06

Google’s acquisition of Measure Map (not yet out of private beta) has just been announced, with one SWAG of $5-10MM. Techdirt wonders whether the idea is to cut down on click fraud:

It has been suggested that Google’s impetus to provide free web analytics is to cut down on click fraud. By being present at the entire end-to-end event stream — from blog, to adsense click, to the advertiser site, Google can accurately track user actions and cull out fraudulent activity.

Maybe, but I’m wondering whether the more likely explanation is ads on the stat pages that Google knows its users will be hopelessly addicted to before it’s out of public beta; from the Google blog:

I have to admit I’m addicted now. I bet I check my stats a half-dozen times a day, anxious to see if anyone has linked to me or see what posts are most popular today.

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