RIM Details Workaround

9 Feb ’06

RIM has announced some details of the workaround:

Once consumers download the workaround, RIM said, the software upgrade will be invisible to them. Functionality of the BlackBerry devices and servers will remain the same even when it’s working in U.S. mode.

The company didn’t detail the specifics about how the software differs from the NTP patents. But it said the changes modify the necessary underlying elements of the BlackBerry message delivery system just enough to be fundamentally different from the NTP patent claims. The company said it has consulted lawyers to ensure that the workaround doesn’t infringe on NTP patent claims remaining in the litigation. RIM has already filed new patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cover its workaround designs.

I’m still straining to understand how, if the fix is indeed that easy, it’s worth the hundreds of millions in future royalties that apparently could have settled this months ago.

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