What is the Tory Plan for Copyright Reform?

1 Feb ’06

Jack Kapica has an entirely sane and balanced overview of the road ahead for copyright reform in today’s Globe. What also caught my eye was his look back at where we’ve recently been:

Reforming the law is not simple, certainly not as simple as Liberal hopeful Sarmita Bulte thought it was. As the former assistant to the minister of heritage, she perhaps figured it was easy because she listened too closely to the representatives of Big Entertainment. So she crafted a law that could have been written, like some of her published works, by the recording industry. But the law disappeared with the call of the election.

The Tories are, I’m sure, very aware of the fact that Ms. Bulte antagonized enough people over her approach to lose her seat in last week’s election.

I’m hoping they’re very aware of that.

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