Your Senator Needs an iPod

31 Jan ’06

This is brilliant. Hot on the heels of an apparent volte face on DRM by a couple of members of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee – a reversal that was seemingly triggered by Senator Ted Stevens’ fun with his daughter’s new iPod – IPac, “a nonpartisan group dedicated to preserving individual freedom through balanced intellectual property policy”, is fundraising to buy video iPods for Senators:

That’s why we think all Senators ought to join Stevens’ esteemed company as iPod owners. Rather than wait for every Senator’s daughter, we’re taking matters into our own hands and buying a video iPod for the campaigns of Senators who work on legislation affecting technology. Plus, we’re going to pre-load each one with examples of the cultural richness made possible by sharing and collaboration – public domain content, Creative Commons content, and audio messages about the importance of balanced copyright policy. It will be engraved with the words “listen to the people.” And it will arrive at each Senator’s campaign office with a letter of explanation and a list of all the people who helped pay for it.

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