The EULA Library

30 Jan ’06

Ed Foster has started a wiki for EULAs with particularly egregious terms:

To make EULA analysis more of a collaborative effort, and to sharpen the tools that can help us spot the nastiest terms, the first step is to put the licenses someplace where we can all see them and comment on them. That’s the kind of thing wikis are built to do, which is why I’ve begun the EULA Library on my GripeWiki website. And I’ve started seeding it with some of the license agreements like those of Autodesk, Hilton, and Sony where we’ve already identified some of the most egregious terms.

One thing I’m not certain about is which of many possible methods we should use for debating the uglier points of a particular license, so we’ll use some of these classically bad EULAs to do some experimenting. And I’d appreciate any of you with licensing, legal, or wiki expertise clicking on the EULA library’s discussion tab and helping us figure out the possibilities.

But of course we’re going to need everybody we can get to help us find all the bad EULAs out there. So if you run across a license agreement that you think should be brought to our attention, feel free to post it. If you can’t figure out how to do so (and I’ll admit wikis are proving to be a bit tougher usability-wise than I’d expected), e-mail it to me at and I’ll post it for you.

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