The New Battle for Control over the Internet

12 Jan ’06

Jeff Pulver writes again on the topic today. I don’t have much to add; I’ve written about it extensively for months now – but he does link to an FT article that had escaped my attention, and his analysis rises to a nice rhetorical flourish that is also an interesting framing of the issue: “There is no longer any doubt in my mind that we are witnessing the emergence of the new battle for control over the Internet and communications.”

And finally, he alludes to the ghettoizing influence of two tiers – a problem I wrote about in a comment to Om a while ago:

I have some concerns that we might see the emergence of two Internets – one an ever-evolving and progressing privately-controlled Internet, and the other an increasingly dilapidated publicly-accessible Internet with minimal quality and capacity. Will the emergence of a government supported Internet onramp ensure a quality public Internet or undermine the efforts of private enterprise? Will the public Internet be a dirt road (albeit free), while the privately-controlled Internet will be of top-quality but will not allow users access to the full-range of content and applications that the Internet could offer?

My sense is that this is a profound and largely unrecognized issue.

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