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12 Jan ’06

I mentioned this in my post earlier today about the Bulte campaign issue, but another reference to it has just caught my eye. Peggy Noonan writes on the waning influence of the mainsteam media in the context of the Alito confirmation hearings:

But this one is all kind of over, isn’t it? It definitively ended when Mrs. Alito walked out in tears. But to me it seemed over on day one. The Democrats on the committee seemed forlorn in a way, as if they knew deep in their hearts that nobody’s listening. Two decades ago they could make their speeches and fake their indignation and accuse a Robert Bork of being a racist chauvinist woman hater and their accusations would ring throughout the country. But now the media they relied on have lost their monopoly. Everyone who’s fired at gets to fire back, shot for shot. [emphasis added]

Whatever you think about Alito’s none-too-carefully-concealed politics or the confirmation process, or Noonan for that matter, her observations about the new normal in the echo chamber ring true.

This Internet thing could catch on yet.

Update: Colby Cosh makes the point on today. Thanks to a reader for pointing me to the piece.

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