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11 Jan ’06

As expected, at MacWorld Apple announced its first Intel-based Macs. The pride of the litter is the MacBook Pro, a laptop built on the Core Duo chip. I’ve been looking for the right machine to transition back to Apple, and this could be it. Noticeably absent from Apple’s descriptions, though, is any reference to expected battery life, though there are many (ominous) references to how to extend it. I’m hoping this is not an Achilles heel for what otherwise seems to be a triumph of design and functionality.

Update (2005-01-12): Paul Thurrott raises the battery life issue as well (and is less impressed with the box).

Update (2005-01-12): ExtraBITS has more information but no answer on the battery question.

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Chris January 16, 2006 at 13:34

Noticed a thread on the battery life here – claims 4 hours?


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