Bulte Copyright Lobby Fundraiser: Fading Ways?

10 Jan ’06

Michael Geist updates one of his earlier posts on this topic with a link to a remakable press release from Fading Ways Records, an independent Canadian record label. Gist:

CRIA, via their statistics-heavy press releases, persist on manipulating opinion polls and numbers to claim that they speak for Canadian citizens and the majority of Canadian artists – nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the interests of intermediaries like CRIA are not the same as the interests of the musicians, songwriters and other creator groups. CRIA can no more legitimately claim to politically represent musicians, than bank owners can claim to represent those who have bank accounts.

Furthermore, CRIA’s boast that they represent more than 95% records produced and sold in Canada is misleading. In fact, they represent the interests of the “Canadian” major labels, who are in fact cultural importers (largely of US acts) rather than exporters of Canadian artists. Very often Canadian artists like Danko Jones have to sign to foreign labels in order to export their own music. CRIA’s close ties to MP Bulte (“they are my friends”, she explained) are questionable and objectionable. Fading Ways Records believes that Canadian Heritage should be controlled by true Canadian cultural interests, not political sell-outs.

There is much, much more in this press release. It’s worth noting that Michael has been making all of these points for a long, long time.

Finally, Michael and Liberal MP Bulte [link broken – will be updated when CBC fixes it] were each interviewed on CBC radio today. (Links are to Real audio streams.) From where I sit, Michael hit this one out of the park. The broadcast is an excellent way to get up to speed on the main points in this issue very quickly.

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