Sony BMG Rootkit Class Actions in Canada

6 Jan ’06

New class actions lawsuits in the Sony BMG rootkit matter have been filed in Ontario and BC (a case was filed in PQ last year).

Perhaps someone should ask Sarmite Bulte what she thinks of this particular use of DRM, and what her views are on the relationship between DRM and the safe and private use by citizens of their computers. (See my update to an earlier post on her campaign funding issues.)

For my part, I’m wondering how the Merchant Law Firm, which filed the suits, could have misspelled a form word (“brought”) on the cover page of the Ontario claim in what is presumably one of the most visible suits it has ever filed. To be fair, it is a truly remarkable fact of this business that no matter how many times you review a document with eagle-eyes, inevitably there is at least one typographical error that will, inevitably, be noticed by exactly the wrong person at exactly the wrong moment.

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