Who Owns the ‘Net?

31 Dec ’05

This is the title of a Mark Evans piece on net neutrality on the cover of today’s Financial Post – it’s Part V of their “Fast Forward to 2010” series (it’s not online (yet), as far as I know). Mark takes a very close look at neutrality issues – it’s a great summary of where we are on this important issue as we head into a new year – a year that will undoubtedly see major developments on this issue on both sides of the border.

Mark and I chatted a while ago about the issue and I had the good fortune to survive his editing, into the final version. I made the point that it is inevitable that the telcos will push the boundary on this issue, as they are starting to run out of runway on monetizing the pipe. New approaches to increase the revenue potential of that asset are no doubt on the broadband providers’ agendas, and given the duopolistic control of first / last mile, this will almost certainly be controversial.

One notable fact about the article – Mark interviewed Vint Cerf for it. Cerf made some waves earlier this year when he wrote to Joe Barton and John Dingell of the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce to express his concern about net neutrality issues arising under proposed telecomm legislation.

Update: Mark has a link to the FP article in this blog post on the topic.

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