Growing Opposition to U.S. ‘Net Wiretapping Plans?

19 Dec ’05

Earlier this year the U.S. F.C.C. ruled that the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act provisions that require telephone networks to be designed to facilitate eavesdropping by law enforcement extend to broadband wireless as well – VoIP, essentially. The requirement is similar in some respects to provisions of the Canadian lawful access bill – the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act – that was introduced in November by the Martin government before the bill died when Parliament recently dissolved.

Today Declan McCullagh has an opinion piece on CNet covering what appears to be growing resistance to the FCC’s rule:

If we needed any more evidence that the Federal Communications Commission believes it can rule the Internet by administrative decree, consider the growing backlash against its wiretapping regulations.

It will be interesting to watch developments in the U.S. as we wait for our election and the new Government’s plans for lawful access.

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