My Morning Jacket Replaces DRM’d CDs With its Own Burn

14 Dec ’05

Rolling Stone reports that My Morning Jacket has issued its own ‘clean burn’ of ‘Z‘ in frustration over the rootkitted DRM on the Sony-issued version of its new CD (I blogged the band on this issue a while ago):

Artist managers have been vocal in their opposition to the use of copy-protection software. “I just don’t think that this is the answer to the problem that they think exists,” says the manager of one veteran artist affected by the XCP software. Mike Martinovich, manager for My Morning Jacket, says that even before the revelation of MediaMax’s security problems, his company had been mailing burned, unprotected copies of MMJ’s new album Z to fans who complained that MediaMax prevented them from transferring songs to their iPods. “It should have been enough that fans are annoyed,” he says. “But this should be the final reason.”

Via Techdirt via the EFF.

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