Boredom With Blogging

12 Dec ’05

There’s an interesting post and discussion at Joi Ito’s about boredom with blogging. It’s notable, from a lifecycle of technology perspective, that people who were at the front edge of blogging are growing weary of it just as the rest of the world catches up.

I’m left wondering whether there’s a link between this and some developments I’ve noted recently:

  • the digiterati tiring of Skype just after eBay and the rest of the world figured out that it existed
  • the first-to-market becoming increasingly vulnerable to product fatigue and the novelty of the new
  • On the other hand, perhaps this is just a concern over the lack of enduring meaning that some critics have attributed to blogging.

    Update: How timely – I’ve just received an invitation to the private beta of diigo, a enhancement. I’ll likely pass it by – I’m very happy with and have some momentum built-up there. (Ironically, this momentum – the network effect – is a point raised by Bubblegeneration in a post that tracked back to me. The point is true anough, I suppose, but I think the network effect of many technologies is overrated – there is no end to the effort many early adopters will make to be the earliest to adopt).

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