The 12th Rule for Web Startups

29 Nov ’05

Alec Saunders adds his 12th rule to the 11 recently posted by Evan Williams:

12. Be Parsimonious (ok, cheap!). Cash is king. We buy office equipment and furniture from bankruptcy sales. We buy from EBay for most other stuff. We ran our company with a single Vonage line for 18 months. We drive to meetings (when possible) rather than fly. Better yet, we use Live Meeting, rather than have the meeting. We make extensive use of to book hotels. We became travel agents ourselves in order to get the agent discount when booking travel. There are a million ways to save money, and every one helps.

In a former life I was General Counsel for a p2p software developer and we stretched the cash ’til it screamed in pain, mostly under the watchful eyes of one of the founders in particular, who had a gift for getting more for less. This makes a difference. And of course, it is getting easier and easier to go farther on less. Nick Denton’s list helps.

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