More Newspapers Announce Layoffs

27 Nov ’05

Further to my recent posts on the impact that online classifieds, blogging and the like are having on the newspaper business, Editor and Publisher recaps a bloody week in the business:

In the past week or so, six of the country’s major daily newspapers have revealed plans to kill more than 350 jobs through a mix of buyouts and layoffs. Since just last Tuesday, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and, most recently, San Jose Mercury News, have announced plans that will eliminate roughly 232 newsroom jobs, in addition to dozens more in non-editorial positions.

Add to that the 120 or so jobs expected to be lost at the San Francisco Chronicle, which less than two weeks ago announced it was close to reaching that mark for a buyout offer, and 352 newsroom positions at just six newspapers will be history. And those are just the ones we’ve heard about in recent weeks.

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