The Public Face of the Rootkit Debacle

21 Nov ’05

Michael Geist writes in the Toronto Star this week about the damage Sony has suffered to its reputation because of the rootkit debacle, and how the event has galvanized public attention – and hopefully government action – over TPMs.

I’m hopeful too, but it’s also occurred to me that while I’ve read a great deal about this issue in the blogosphere and in the tech media, I’ve seen precious little mention of it in the mainstream media. And I’m wondering whether we are sitting in an echo chamber while the rest of the world trundles along, generally unaware of the issue as anything other than background noise.

I agree with Michael that more attention ought to be paid, and it’s thanks to the efforts of Michael and others that this issue has garnered the profile that it has, but I’m dubious of the general public’s ability to absorb this issue and what it portends.

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