“You Should be Starving”

17 Nov ’05

SFGate has an article on customer frustration with offshored customer support. It’s as inflammatory a piece on the topic as I’ve ever seen, so cover your eyes. Gist:

Saurabh Jha, a 22-year-old in blue jeans, says a woman phoned from Texas recently and told him that, thanks to outsourcing, “You are getting money, food, shelter. You should be starving.”

She berated him for 12 minutes before she finally allowed him to offer advice that promptly fixed her problem: to unplug her computer and plug it back in.

“I was speechless,” he says. “She didn’t even give me a chance.”

The World is Flat should be required reading. Too many of us think far too much of ourselves and what we bring to the world.

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