Sony Suspends Production of Copy-Protected CDs After Rootkit Fiasco

11 Nov ’05

Sony has announced a temporary suspension to its copy-protection efforts in the wake of the rootkit fiasco (imbroglio?). Details at Security Focus. Gist from the Sony statement:

We stand by content protection technology as an important tool to protect our intellectual property rights and those of our artists. Nonetheless, as a precautionary measure, SONY BMG is temporarily suspending the manufacture of CDs containing XCP technology. We also intend to re-examine all aspects of our content protection initiative to be sure that it continues to meet our goals of security and ease of consumer use. More information about our content protection initiative can also be found at:

Techdirt covers the evolution of Sony’s efforts to manage the problem through PR.

Update: both Michael and Cory single out Sony’s non-apology apology.

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