Vint Cerf on Network Neutrality

8 Nov ’05

The Google Blog posts a letter concerning net neutrality sent by Vint Cerf to Joe Barton and John Dingell of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce. Gist:

My fear is that, as written, this bill would do great damage to the Internet as we know it. Enshrining a rule that broadly permits network operators to discriminate in favor of certain kinds of services and to potentially interfere with others would place broadband operators in control of online activity. Allowing broadband providers to segment their IP offerings and reserve huge amounts of bandwidth for their own services will not give consumers the broadband Internet our country and economy need. Many people will have little or no choice among broadband operators for the foreseeable future, implying that such operators will have the power to exercise a great deal of control over any applications placed on the network.

I blogged the issue a few days ago. This is an issue that will only grow in importance.

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