Mixed Messages From RIM?

24 Oct ’05

An odd juxtaposition of messages today coming out of RIM today in the NTP case. Reuters has reported that RIM’s COO stated yesterday at an industry conference in Munich that the company was not seeing evidence that the lawsuit was slowing their business:

“We’re not seeing anything that’s telling us that people are holding back,” Chief Operating Officer Don Morrison told Reuters on the fringes of an industry conference in Munich, when asked whether the court case was damaging its business with current or potential new customers.

On the other hand, RIM appears to have argued at the U.S. Supreme Court today that the contrary was the case:

“The threat alone of this injunction causes significant harm,” Research In Motion argued in court papers filed in Washington. “The continued threat could continue to depress RIM’s stock price and cause uncertainty among RIM’s U.S. carrier partners, customers and subscriber base.”

Morrison’s comments were widely reported. Expect them to be picked up in any response from NTP.

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