Less on the Do-Not-Hesitate-To-Call List

22 Oct ’05

Generally a follow-up posting would be ‘more’, but this one is definitely less. Michael Geist writes on the depressing state of affairs over the House’s review of the Do Not Call legislation, which seems to have been overtaken by an Orwellian departure from reality and a Kafka-esque descent into absurdist theatre. I quite enjoyed Michael’s report of one MP’s assertion that the List is good for telemarketers, who themselves, the MP seems to say, are eager to respect the privacy of Canadians:

In truth, they no longer call people who do not want to be called and say so. Representatives only call people who are willing to be called. So this increases the effectiveness of their calls. That way, they can provide better services to their clients because the company has achieved its objectives and its operating costs are lower, compared to when it made random calls. Often, by calling people who did not want to be called, they wasted countless minutes and grew frustrated.

No word yet as to why, if telemarketers don’t mind being bound by my decision that they not call me, they object to a law that states that they must abide by my decision that they not call me.

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