Negotiation – Rules of Engagement

14 Sep ’05

Ben Neumann recently had a terrific post on negotiation – 17 rules of engagement for negotiation. This is a solid list of principles to aid you in planning your negotiations and developing your personal style and approach to negotiation. The first three:

1. Always remember that everything is negotiable! Don’t narrow a negotiation down to just one issue. Develop as many issues or negotiable deal points as you can and then juggle in additional deal points if you and the other party lock onto one issue. Line up deal point early that you are willing to give up later.

2. Form and crystallize your vision of the outcome. In my book that is the NUMBER ONE most important rule, success of which requires some of the other rules. The counterpart who can clearly visualize the end result will most likely be the one who guides the negotiation. “Buy into” and “believe in” that you will get this deal done in a way that works for you.

3. Set a goal for each deal point. Define your minimum level of acceptance for each goal. If you aren’t clear on your goals, you will end up reacting to the propositions of your counterpart.

Much, much more in this very helpful post.

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