Car Black Boxes, Redux

28 Aug ’05

Here’s a new twist on an old story: car black boxes tracking a driver’s behaviour – because a judge ordered it. Gist:

A judge in Oakland County is using black box technology to keep an eye on drivers who repeatedly run afoul of the law. The boxes have been installed in the vehicles of 14 defendants since 52-1 District Court Judge Brian MacKenzie created the program last year.

They track a vehicle’s speed and other actions, such as acceleration rate and whether a driver slams the brakes or makes sharp turns.

The black box requirement is part of a program called Driver Rehabilitation Incorporating Vehicular Education — or DRIVE — and applies only to drivers who have a license and are on probation. Others in the program are required to attend group therapy, take driver training or perform community service.

Apart from the overzealous invention of an acronym, an interesting application of the technology.

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