How to Protect and Benefit From Your Ideas

24 Aug ’05

Some time ago Anthony Cerminaro linked to this publication of the American Intellectual Property Association, written for U.S. laws, which:

is intended to assist the independent or novice inventor in protecting, evaluating and commercializing new ideas and inventions and “to help individuals profit from their ideas. It is not intended as a “do-it-yourself” book which will allow you to do without the services of a lawyer. However, it is intended to provide you with basic information which will help you to decide whether or not to go to a lawyer in the first place, and which will help you to understand what the lawyer says to you if you do consult with a specific lawyer who specializes in the practice of intellectual property law.

Update: Sander Gelsing has some observations about the publication, including on its relevance to the Canadian context.

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