U.S. Students Interning for Indian Outsourcers

11 Aug ’05

The NYT has an article on the growing trend of U.S. students from leading business schools choosing to do summer internship programs with outsourcing fims in India. Some sample quotes:

This summer, Omar Maldonado and Erik Simonsen, both students at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, did something different.

Bypassing internship opportunities on Wall Street, just a subway ride away from their Greenwich Village campus, they went to India to spend the summer at an outsourcing company in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi.

“The India opportunity grabbed me,” said Mr. Maldonado, a Boston native whose family is from the Dominican Republic. “I wanted to get a global feel for investment banking and not just a Wall Street perspective.”

He and Mr. Simonsen, both 27, are spending three months at Copal Partners, an outsourcing firm with 100 analysts. It produces merger and acquisition pitch books and provides equity and credit analysis and other research to global banks and consultant groups, including those on Wall Street.

After a meeting with the recruiting head of Hewlett-Packard India’s back-office unit at a conference at M.I.T., Mr. Anders came to India to help build a group of Indian economists and statisticians to perform complex analytics and predictive modeling for Western multinationals. “These highly educated and qualified people are not stopping at call centers and back-office work,” he said. “They are getting ready to compete for every job.”

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