The Internet’s Next Evolution

24 Jul ’05

Electronic Design has an article on the growth of M2M (machine to machine) transactions, soon to dwarf human transactions in terms of volume. Quote:

Perhaps the most unexpected source of increased data and Internet traffic will come from M2M communications (see the figure). Any device containing an embedded controller—and that’s pretty much everything these days—is a candidate for connection to the Internet. Sensors, controllers, appliances, machine tools, and so on will soon begin to talk not only to the humans who use them, but also to one another.

What exactly is M2M? It’s defined as an emerging technology that combines communications, computing, software, sensors, and power technologies to enable remote human and machine interaction with physical, chemical, and biological systems and processes. Examples include sensing of temperature, light, pressure, gases, and other physical characteristics to monitor life, health, property, security, and employee efficiency. Location services also can be implemented for humans, animals, vehicles, and capital equipment via GPS, RFID, and other technologies. Mesh sensor networks will connect to the Internet to gather, analyze, and interpret data for various telemetry applications on a scale never predicted.

Via Dave Pollard.

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