ISO 9001, Redux

7 Jul ’05

John Broomfield has posted an interesting comment on my recent post concerning ISO certification. I’ve reproduced it below in full:

If an organization “implements ISO 9001″ to obtain a certificate then it will obtain less value than a company that uses the standard to improve the system it uses to run the business.

The INC article focused on the woes of the former organizations and did not report on the successes of the latter.

Any company can use ISO 9001 to develop its process-based management system so it could be used to drive its core process to add value faster while the system enables employees to prevent loss sooner. The core process, by the way, translates the needs of customers into cash in the bank.

Our website has described how our clients do this since 1997 and this is based on the hardcopy guidance we have published since 1987.

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