Canadian Government Introduces Bill to Amend Copyright Act

21 Jun ’05

As expected, the new bill has been introduced. CIPPIC has resources on the Bill here. Michael Geist’s early take on the Bill is here. Quote:

There is simply no denying that the lobbying efforts of the copyright owners, particularly the music industry, have paid off as they are the big winners in this bill. The bill focuses almost exclusively on creating new rights for this select group including a new making available right, legal protection for technological protection measures, legal protection for rights management information, the ability to control the first distribution of material in tangible form, new moral rights for performances, a reproduction right for performers, and an adjustment in the term of protection for sound recordings. The bill also includes a statutory notice and notice system that will virtually compel Internet service providers to notify subscribers of alleged copyright infringements and to retain relevant personal information for 6 months.

CRIA is reportedly pleased with the Bill.

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